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Warm weather means Bond Lake, other parks get in shape early

by TSchmitt
Fri, Mar 23rd 2012 11:06 am

 Aside from giving us some sun to enjoy, the record-setting weather has had another positive side effect as warm temperatures have allowed DPW and local parks crews the chance to get an early start on their spring cleaning.

For example, we chatted with Tony Bartholomew, a county parks foreman, as he and a crew pulled sticks, garbage and other debris from Bond Lake on Wednesday.

Bartholomew said the extra time has allowed the Parks Department to get to tasks it can't always tackle.

"We're way ahead of schedule. I'm debating on whether I should start mowing or not," he said. "But we're ready for summer. We get things ready in the fall, so they're ready to go. We're getting more trails set out here at Bond Lake and things like that."

And while it appears we'll have an abundance of warm weather, the snow didn't fall often this year. In fact, Bartholomew said the sledding hill was only open a total of five days.

"It was very good on our equipment, it didn't get beat up, and we didn't use much fuel plowing. I think we plowed out here maybe four or five times."

He said that should mean the parks should be prepared for what should be a busy summer.

"A lot of stuff doesn't get cleaned up when we have a late spring," Bartholomew said. "Usually this might get done once, then again in August. But we're already on our second raking.

"And it's feeling really nice outside."


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