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County legislature against microstamping

by TSchmitt
Thu, Jun 21st 2012 08:45 am

The state Assembly passed controversial legislation to mandate microstamping in New York state, but the Niagara County Legislature came out this week in its opposition of the measure ...

The bill requires microstamping technology be implemented on all semi-automatic weapons sold in New York state. It passed with an 84-55 vote.

Microstamping involves inscribing the firing pin of a weapon with numbers and letters signifying the make and model of a gun. When fired, the alpha numeric code is transferred to the shell casing, which is often the only evidence left at the scene of a crime. Proponents of microstamping say law enforcement can then use the shell casing to track the weapon that fired the round and identify a suspect in the crime.

But John Syracuse, a county lawmaker from Newfane, said he thinks its an attack on the constitution.

The bill has been delivered to the Senate, where it is unlikely to see a vote on the floor


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