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Niagara County feels tremors from two Canadian quakes

by TSchmitt
Fri, May 17th 2013 10:00 am

A pair of earthquakes that started in Canada this morning, provided tremors that were felt here throughout Niagara County.

According to Earthquakes Canada, a 5.1 magnitude quake occurred near Shawville, Que., at 9:43 a.m..

Just a few minutes later, a 4.2 seismic event shook Braeside, Ont.

There are no reports of damage on either side of the border.

Cathy Sears of Gasport said she was home when the quake started.

"I was in my computer room, on the computer chair and the whole chair started vibrating. One picture on the wall tilted," Sears said. "And I knew something was going on."

Earthquakes are nothing new to that region of Canada. Last year, a similar quake up near Montreal sent waves through Niagara County.

But Gina Guido-Redden of Wilson said the two didn't feel the same.

"That one I felt from the roof right above me, but this one came from below. And I know that when I watched online after that one, we seemed to have felt that in Wilson stronger than other towns," Guido-Redden said. "I think this one last longer." 

A 5.1 magnitude earthquake is rarely powerful enough to cause any damage.

Did you feel the quake? We'll be talking about it all morning long on Stuck in the Middle. 

We'll also have Jay Bonafede from the American Red Cross on with some tips on what to do in an earthquake. The segment will replay at 5 p.m.




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